1501 Ltd. is an innovative young Swiss company. Our goal is the competent coverage of an obvious niche in retail trade - the protection of quality products in everyday life while at the same time ensuring a production process that is as sustainable as possible. The Goggle Pro is our first product in this area.
The Goggle Pro is a textile cover for ski goggle lenses that protects them from scratches and cracks when the goggles are on the helmet (and not on the eyes!). We sell the Goggle Pro exclusively through our website (www.1501.ch) and through selected winter sports shops.

We exclusively use sustainably produced and high quality materials and have the Goggle Pro produced by a protected workshop in Switzerland. We know all our suppliers/producers/partners in Switzerland personally and thus ensure that the quality of our product is guaranteed through all manufacturing processes and sales channels.
As with any company that faces competition, growth is essential for us. We generate growth through innovative design, constant improvement of the value chain in terms of process technology and quality, and an open ear for customer concerns and suggestions for improvement. Quantitative aspects and profit maximization issues play a role in our considerations, but are not the focus. We attach great importance to the satisfaction of our customers and therefore communicate our suppliers and producers throughout the entire value chain on our website. We believe you have a right to know how your Goggle Pro is created and where it comes from.



On 15 January 1885, photographer Wilson Bentley published the first photograph of a snowflake, a sensation at the time. Subsequently Wilson became famous as the 'Snowflake Man'.
Exactly 133 years later, on the evening of 15 January 2018, the idea and the basic concept for 1501 Goggle Pro was born in a bar of a hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland. And yes, born out of frustration due to a crack on the lenses of an all new and expensive ski goggle.


When designing our logo there was one requirement: "il Viturin", our ibex had to be present. With the support of our advertising designer, we were able to develop the idea very quickly and create our logos.




Roman Canziani, Chairman of the Management Board, born 1968, started working in financial services immediately after completing his school-leaving examination and military service. Ever since, he has remained true to his profession in various functions. Initially mainly in securities trading, he now works in investment communications for a large private bank in Zurich. He holds a Swiss Federal Analyst Diploma (AZEK/CIIA). Roman regularly trains with various ski teams in order to improve his cornering technique in the gates and to be at the top of the pack in the races. With the improvement of his skiing skills, his awareness of quality and functionality of the material has also developed considerably - and he now brings this knowledge to 1501 Ltd.



Annina Dörig-Cathomen, Managing Director, born 1984, works for a large private bank in Zurich. She originally comes from Breil/Brigels, a small village in Graubünden. Accordingly, she grew up with skis on her feet. Throughout her early years, she worked towards a career in ski racing and learned this sport from scratch. As fractions of a second typically decide about winning or losing a ski race, Annina is just too aware of how important every tiny detail is for success. She is the creative mind behind 1501 Ltd.



Il Viturin (originally a Romanic first name and translated in some Romansh idioms as 'the victor') is the face of 1501 Ltd. He was also the godfather of the company's logo, the aim of which was to create a trademark that would be as recognizable and usable as possible and that would reference to our products. Viturin is also the brand ambassador of 1501 Ltd. and even has its own Instagram profile at viturin_1501.ch.
Since he is a small ibex, he is all the more happy about a large community of 'followers' to whom he can report on his travels and adventures in snapshots. He is naturally a bit shy and feels at home primarily in his native mountains, where he occasionally observes the Goggle Pro buyers skiing from a rocky promontory. In addition to his role as mascot and brand ambassador, his responsibilities at 1501 Ltd. include the development and maintenance of the customer base, as well as extensive testing and trial wearing of new Goggle Pro creations.